Volunteers Rock!!

The ability to share your talent and time without compensation is the greatest form of giving. This is what volunteers do on a daily to ensure they make an individual’s life better by simply sharing the love, expressing the care and even compassion to people who really need it. I’ve learnt that you should not go through life with a catchers mit on both hands, you need to be able to throw something back. Just picture someone who travels over a long distance just to get to a new place and touch a soul….this is the purest form of love. Volunteers work day in day out to expand promise and possibility, everyone can do something but these special people do more.

There are two ways of spreading the light, to be the candle or to be the mirror that reflects it. Volunteers serve in various sectors according to their ability and together a lot is achieved. This is for everyone out there who is doing something to make someone’s life better, it could seem little…that weekend that you sacrifice….the two weeks you sacrifice or even a day you sacrifice just to do something for someone who cannot be able to really give you anything. That is what we call kindness and it never goes unrewarded. We appreciate every volunteer and for sure you act as rocks for lives out here and you totally rock!!

Do something for someone, that hug…that smile….that activity could surely change someone’s life for the better. The greatest thing about being a volunteer is that you are paid in six figures….S-M-I-L-E-S and that is definitely awesome!!

To every volunteer who has volunteered with worldmeetskenya….you are appreciated, loved and your acts are alive in our hearts.

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