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At worldmeetskenya the experience is different, from learning new things, to meeting new friends to even travelling to new places in Kenya and getting to appreciate what nature has to offer. Worldmeetskenya recognizes the value of our volunteers and in regards to this we always ensure that we appreciate them as well by organising trips to various destinations in Kenya as a way of spicing their volunteer experience.

Volunteers get a chance to visit famously known places as a way of unwinding from their normal day-to-day activities. Travel makes one modest and able to see what a tiny place they occupy in this world. We are all about creating new memories in new places and satisfying the need to visit new places.

Our current volunteer Mar is enjoying her time at worldmeetskenya as she has had a chance to visit the well known fourteen falls, The Nairobi National Park and is now creating memories at Massai Mara National Reserve.

Below are some of the beautiful pictures she’s taking during her stay at Massai Mara……you need to see this.

Indeed it is more than satisfying to volunteer with worldmeetskenya. Travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a story teller.

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