The sparkle a volunteer radiates…

At some point in life all we need is someone to hold our hand, someone to tell us all is going to be alright, someone to be there for us and finally someone to make us smile. A volunteer sees the need to bring back life and all he or she can do is simply spend her time with someone who needs it most. Over the years volunteerism has been viewed as a rare activity but for the kind at heart this is surely a big deal.

The ability to identify a need and do something about it is greatly an act of kindness that can never go unrewarded. Every time an individual is involved in an activity where he or she forgets about their struggles they tend to discover something new about themselves and volunteers really make this moment worthwhile.

It’s amazing how someone who you just met can impact your life in a great way as compared to someone who you have known for ages. Volunteers are truly angels in a human body and all i would encourage all of us is to go out of our way and do something for someone who needs it the most.

Put a smile on someone’s face, play with a child, mentor someone, help someone to do their chores that little act of kindness will truly go a long way and leave a footprint in someone’s life.

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