My first day at World meets Kenya.

You make a life by what you give…well this was just a phrase that crossed my scrolling moments and having given it a deep thought, it sparked the interest in me to do more for the people around me. Just like a river that follows its’ course no matter the obstacles i decided to do all it takes and fortunately i joined world meets Kenya as a volunteer with an interest of making a positive change in the community and even in the world. It being the first day majorly meant alot to me as it marked the first step towards making a positive impact. Well the insight of what the organisation deals with clearly gave me a brighter scope on what to expect and what to do. The excitement couldn’t be ignored as i had finally found a chance to explore my passion and even to achieve the common goal of the organisation. The advice from Sam was so great that i couldn’t get enough of it. Well i now have the tools all i need to do is work and put a smile on someone’s face. The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Watch this space….

Kelly Kinuthia

Miss Autism 2018.

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