The Art of giving back

You give a little when you give of your possessions but it is when you give of yourself that you truly give. With the changing times, every person requires a hand to hold them when they are weak, an ear to listen when the silence is mere and a smile to reassure them that all

Overrated standards….!

Story by Ashley Nyaboke, When I was a child I ­had this immense pass­ion of helping out th­e needy. I do remembe­r my Sunday school te­acher Mr Moffat used ­a walking stick,he wa­s a great man. I alwa­ys wondered why,but s­till I couldn’t ask h­im (I thought it was ­rude to ask). I ain’t­ alone […]

Volunteer Testimony…

Story by Mar, Mi experiencia en worldmeetskenya: Quién me iba a decir a mi que llegar a un sitio completamente nuevo y diferente al mío, podría marcarme así? En mi interior sabía que habría mil cosas que cambiarian mi manera de ver la vida en cuándo llegara a Kenya, pero hasta que no te encuentras […]

The Travel Buzz at worldmeetskenya..!

At worldmeetskenya the experience is different, from learning new things, to meeting new friends to even travelling to new places in Kenya and getting to appreciate what nature has to offer. Worldmeetskenya recognizes the value of our volunteers and in regards to this we always ensure that we appreciate them as well by organising trips […]

Volunteers Rock!!

The ability to share your talent and time without compensation is the greatest form of giving. This is what volunteers do on a daily to ensure they make an individual’s life better by simply sharing the love, expressing the care and even compassion to people who really need it. I’ve learnt that you should not […]